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Scavenger Hunt


There is some interesting information hidden around this site Can you find it?


These are the URLs that contain the flags:
  1. 1.
    view-source: <!-- Here's the first part of the flag: picoCTF{t -->
  2. 2. /* CSS makes the page look nice, and yes, it also has part of the flag. Here's part 2: h4ts_4_l0 */
  3. 3. /* How can I keep Google from indexing my website? */ so lets go to and find Part 3: t_0f_pl4c and well as I think this is an apache server... can you Access the next flag?
  4. 4. Part 4: 3s_2_lO0k and I love making websites on my Mac, I can Store a lot of information there.
  5. 5. Congrats! You completed the scavenger hunt. Part 5: _f7ce8828}