Wireshark twoo twooo two twoo...


Can you find the flag? shark2.pcapng.


  1. Upon initial inspection, there seem to be a lot of requests to a /flag endpoint. Each request shows a different flag so these must be a distraction.

  2. After searching through the file I noticed many DNS requests for various subdomains of reddshrimpandherring.com. This looks like the suspicious traffic that one of the challenge hints refers to.

  3. A lot of the DNS queries have a destination of However, a subset have a destination for

  4. We can apply the filter dns and ip.dst== to only see DNS requests to this IP address. If we take the subdomains of reddshrimpandherring.com and append them in order we get: cGljb0NURntkbnNfM3hmMWxfZnR3X2RlYWRiZWVmfQ==

  5. Decoding the above string as base64 gives us the flag.

  6. Alternatively, this file can be analyzed using apackets.com. Just upload the file, go to the DNS page, and scroll down to see the requests neatly organized.



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